1,000 and Growing

4923997_300[1]We’re honored that far more than 185 improvisors walked into a website.We know that numbers don’t mean a thing without an active community, but since our launch just under a year ago, we’ve reached 1,000 members talking and sharing here on the site. We’re humbled by both the support and patience folks have had with us this first year of this idea. And in that year, that idea has changed as grown as so many members have been brilliant in suggesting new ideas that have become part of the page.

This is truly a network now, not a series of passive readers, but a community building festivals, troupes and theatres. Sharing ideas, helping each other grow. We are one awesome community and I know we’ll continue to grow as we pass along our knowledge to our students and watch them build greater things that we believed possible. We all share a love of an art form that let’s us express ourselves and relate to the world around us in a startling honest and beautifully fleeting way.

I have met so many people, both online and at festivals this year. I can’t wait to meet more and continue to learn from everyone. We are truly humbled and grateful  for your  being here. Improv is the winner.

Currently Bill is an instructor at The Torch Theatre and producer for the Phoenix Improv Festival. He tours teaching and performing across North America.

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