Baton Rouge Improv Festival 2021

May 12-16, 2021

Travel Information

What venue(s) will be a part of the festival?

The Festival is on line so the venue is virtual.

What dining options are available?

You can order in from your favorite restaurants or cook for yourself! We are online!

Festival Information

How much stage time will performers receive?

Expect to perform for 20-40 minutes. once or twice. You may be asked to perform in even more impromptu performs in the final ceremony.

What is the range of shows and styles the festival is seeking?

We are looking for all types of styles, from family-friendly to experimental long short. We are particularly interested in the troupes who have to be innovative in their online performances. We are planning on showcasing performer diversity. And because we are online, We are open to performers from around the world.

What is the local improv scene like?

The local scene is vibrant and Baton Rouge loves a Festival! The LSU improv club is an award winning team and there are fanatic shows all over Louisiana!

What are the festival's goals?

The purpose of the festival is to educate, elevate and expose Baton Rouge to the sublime joy that is the improvisational theatre and to share with improvisers everywhere the kindness and warmth that is Baton Rouge. Our goal is to be inclusive, excepting, and anti-racist.

What are the selection criteria for this festival?

We are looking for a talented improviser with experience performing online. If you have no online performance experience but you are willing to do some online practice before the festival let us know. We are looking for a lot of variety in every way possible. We are looking for improvisers from different backgrounds from many different locations. We are very interested in groups from Lousiana and the Southeast.

What unique improv experiences will performers gain?

We have planned some special panel discussion from improvisers who have been on TV and in films and others who have run theatre companies for 30 plus years and have performed around the world. We promise you exposer to some of the greatest living improvisers today. (in our opinion) detail TBA.

Baton Rouge Improv Festival presented by LSU School of Theater, LSU Improv club, LATco Comedy, and the Baton Rouge Arts Council is an inclusive celebration of spontaneous performance including theatre comedy dance and music.

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