San Francisco Improv Festival 2017

August 16-20, 2017

About San Francisco Improv Festival 2017

The San Francisco Improv Festival has some exciting news for you - we’re entering our teens!! This is our 13th year for the SFIF, and we are looking to misbehave.

When better for a teen to misbehave than in the summer? This year’s fest is now taking place August 16th -20th!

And where better to misbehave than at SF's hottest new cabaret/theater/bar/restaurant space, Pianofight?? Okay - maybe it's not the #1 place for 13 year-olds, but it’s a great venue (and hey - it's still all ages!).

We’re super-excited about getting back into the summer schedule. Even though the run of the festival is shorter than previous years, we have *two* theaters to run our shows in concurrently, so we’re still bringing in as much fantastic improv as before - just in half the time.

And our new venue is perfect for the festival atmosphere we have been shooting for for the past several years. Located in SF's Mid-Market area (right downtown by City Hall and Twitter HQ), it features a full bar and lounge & cabaret area, so you can mingle with fellow performers & audiences in between shows. And you can find the odd music or comedy act playing while you enjoy your drinks and food - yup - Pianofight also has a full kitchen. You practically never have to leave!

We're looking forward to seeing your applications!!

The San Francisco Improv Festival
Festival runs August 16-20th, 2017
Applications open April 3rd through May 1st

April 3rd-10th: Lucky 13 application fee - $13 [CLOSED]
April 11th-May1st: Standard application fee - $35



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Executive Producer

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The San Francisco Improv Festival celebrates the art of improvisational theater by presenting work by local and out-of-town performance ensembles, producing workshops and master classes from the most innovative minds in the artform, and educating the public about all aspects of improvised theatrical performance. The SFIF Board of Directors is committed to presenting a platform for diverse voices and points of view, in an environmentally sustainable way.

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