2nd Best Comedy Fest 2018

June 07-09, 2018

About 2nd Best Comedy Fest 2018

Started in 2015, 2nd Best Comedy Fest is the Coalition Theater’s annual comedy festival that’s dedicated to bringing awesome improv (and sometimes sketch) acts from all-around the country to Richmond, VA.

Last year’s festival was pretty damn awesome and in 2018, we’ll once again be welcoming incredible performers from around the country to play, teach, learn, and generally have a good time. Past 2nd Best Fests have featured performers and instructors from Chicago, New York, Boston, New Orleans, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Chapel Hill, Norfolk and at least THREE other places.

This year, we’d love to have YOU there too. We are now accepting improv submissions through Friday, April 13th. Teams will be notified of their acceptance by the end of April.

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