Salt Lake City DuoFest 2020

April 24-25, 2020

About Salt Lake City DuoFest 2020

Taking place on April 24 & 25, 2020, Salt Lake City DuoFest is the only current improv comedy festival dedicated to celebrating improv teams of two. The DuoFest will host acts from across the country and present workshops designed specifically to navigate the challenges of working in a team of two.

Here's just some of what our performers said about the fest:

"If they hadn't said it was their inaugural festival I would have thought it had been running for 10 years. It was extremely well organized. Their communication before and during the festival was very good and the atmosphere of the festival weekend was welcoming and fun. We've done more than two dozen festivals in the last year and this is an outstanding festival."

"From submission to post fest follow-up, this festival provided clear communication, a true sense that they valued our contribution and warm hospitality. Salt Lake is a beautiful place and the DuoFest Producers are providing a lovely reason to visit."

"DuoFest was a pleasure to be a part of! [The producer's] hard work and vision were appreciated. This is the best festival that the Salt Lake area has put on and everyone should attend!"

"One of the best festivals I've been to in terms of variety, which is almost impossible to fathom considering every team was a duo! That's a pretty impressive feat for a first-time festival, even without an overarching stipulation"

"Easily one of my new favorite festivals. The shows and space were great. It was incredibly well organized and the whole experience was great. You should make this festival a priority."

"This fest was such a wonderful experience. From commuinication to hospitality to the really warm audience, everything was handled exceptionally. The festival was full of awesome teams both on stage and off."

"This festival does an amazing job of bringing in great talent from all over. Not only that, but they make their performers feel great as well. I loved talking to the other teams after and hearing how much fun they had and how they can’t wait to come back."

Salt Lake City DuoFest is in its second year, slated for April 24 & 25, 2020. This festival will take place at SugarSpace Arts Warehouse in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, and is dedicated to making a safe space for comedic exploration through efforts in diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility.

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