Robin Hood International improv Festival 2020

May 07-10, 2020

About Robin Hood International improv Festival 2020

The festival’s aim is to give fantastic improvisers (like you!) the opportunity to bring the show you truly love doing to a new audience. To this end, we want you to worry less about a show ‘that will sell’ - that’s our job! Bring the show you’re excited about with the people you love performing with... That’s the show we want to see!

The Shows
Each show will be split between two teams performing 25-30min slots - so you’ll be paired with a complementary team to make for a kick-ass hour. All shows will be in a 100 seater theatre space in Nottingham City Centre, walking distance from the train station!

Ticket Sales
We believe in paying artists for their work, but the festival also needs to make money in order to hopefully survive and grow. For this reason, the profit from ticket sales for each show will be split 50/50 between the festival and the acts performing. This means each act will take home 25% of the profit from the show they perform in.

Steal the show at the Robin Hood International Improv Festival - a legendary festival in the heart of the UK.

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