Vintage Improv Festival 2020 : A Virtual Improv Festival

September 11-13, 2020

About Vintage Improv Festival 2020 : A Virtual Improv Festival

The world's only major improv festival dedicated to the performance of Vintage improvisers age 50 and over is now an innovative online festival for 2020.Due to CoVid19, VIF will contribute to the development of the new virtual improv phenomenon. This year's festival will work virtually to create community by learning together across geographic boundaries with world class Vintage improv professionals. We will be performing together both as preexisting Vintage Troupes and/or in Curated teams . A Curated Team is made up of single experienced improvisers that work together intensively during the festival and then perform in tat specific improv format. This year for the first time VIF is able to offer improv workshops for anyone age 50+. These 90 minute workshops are offered on a pay as you go basis open to anyone registered for Vintage improv Festival. They will be targeted to three levels -beginner, intermediate and advanced.

All performance based participants will be selected through a virtual audition process. Performance track participants can also apply to perform at the Festival as a pre-existing Vintage troupe. Invited performers take up to 18 hours of intensive small-group instruction together. Each participant performs at least once each night. Featured faculty for this year include David Razowsky, Jay Sukow, Tom Tollenaere,Deana Criess, Brian Palermo,John Windmueller, Steve Kleinedler and Jim Karwisch.

Be a part of Improv History! Please go to to complete General Registration after you send your submission.


Dedicated to the proposition that comedy gets better with age, a Vintage Improv Festival (VIF) is a joyous celebration of the Art of Improvisation featuring improvisers who are at least 50 years old. Through performances and in learning community over one jam-packed weekend, each Festival is designed to support the Vintage community while reaching out to the general public through performance to foster intergenerational appreciation and communication. Sponsored by Vintage Improv Festival, Inc. a nonprofit organization based in the Boston Massachusetts area, the organization is committed to working with other cities to sponsor regional VIF spinoffs in order to meet the needs of a growing and underserved improv demographic.

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