Vintage Improv Festival 2021

September 08-12, 2021

About Vintage Improv Festival 2021

Whether VIF 2021 is 100% virtual festival in 2021 like it was in 2020 As we already begin preparing for VIF 2021, we are working actively to support and prepare the VIF Community for active participation in all aspects of the Festival.

VIF currently offers a wide array of virtual classes that can be found at and the capacity for virtual troupe formation, practice and performance opportunities beginning October 1, 2020 and will extend through the actual festival which we expect to span 4 days in 2021.

We actively work to assist Vintage improvisers to create Innovation Troupes as were demonstrated at our 2020 Festival and 27 Vintage Shows can be viewed on our VIF2020 YouTube Channel. Please see for the many and every changing opportunities that exist to connect with other vintage improvisers to learn, practice and perform together in preparation for VIF 2021.

Dedicated to the proposition that comedy gets better with age, a Vintage Improv Festival (VIF) is a joyous celebration of the Art of Improvisation featuring improvisers who are at least 50 years old. Through performances and in learning community over one jam-packed weekend, each Festival is designed to support the Vintage community while reaching out to the general public through performance to foster intergenerational appreciation and communication. Sponsored by Vintage Improv Festival, Inc. a nonprofit organization based in the Boston Massachusetts area, the organization is committed to working with other cities to sponsor regional VIF spinoffs in order to meet the needs of a growing and underserved improv demographic.

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