Ocean State Black and Funny Improv Festival 2021

September 02-05, 2021

About Ocean State Black and Funny Improv Festival 2021

The Ocean State is excited to join the Black and Funny Improv Festival family!

Our goal is to create an improv world where all are welcome to celebrate ourselves, learn from our differences, and build each other up while sharing in a space that is respectful and generous to all.

The festival will feature nightly headliner performances, guest troupes, mixer shows, workshops, parties, and more!

The Ocean State Black and Funny Improv Festival runs September 2-5 in beautiful southern Rhode Island with easy access to local beaches, kayaking and paddleboarding, hiking, breweries, and more! It combines the famous community spirit of the Ocean State Improv Festival (OSIF) with the utterly essential mission of Black and Funny and absolute passion for education and growth to create a truly transformative event!

With our equal focus on learning and performance, guests can expect a high-quality learning environment, outstanding headliner shows, performance opportunities for both groups and individuals, and parties, panels, and conversations with artists from across the nation.

**Note: All performers must be fully vaccinated to participate in this festival.**

The five-day Ocean State Improv Festival at the Contemporary Theater Company, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, brings together artists and troupes to create an interconnected community that teaches, learns, inspires, and performs together on Rhode Island’s beautiful southern coast!

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