Ocean State Improv Festival 2022

June 08-11, 2022

About Ocean State Improv Festival 2022

The five-day Ocean State Improv Festival brings together artists and troupes to create an interconnected community that teaches, learns, inspires, and performs together on Rhode Island's beautiful southern coast!

The festival will feature 13 shows over 4 nights with 3-5 sets in each and over a dozen workshops taught by world-class teachers.

COVID considerations: All performers must be fully vaccinated. We have both an indoor and an outdoor performance space, so we have the ability to move all performances outside if that seems like the right call to make based on the situation at that time!

Things to look forward to:

*Nightly performances showcase the fantastic talents of performers from all over the world. All performances take place in the main theater, which keeps the growing community of the festival centralized in one place and lets you see all of the performances!

*A broad slate of workshops and multi-day intensives by top-flight teachers immerse you in new experiences, passions, and a worldwide network of inspiring collaborators. Over a dozen workshops to choose from!

*Brunches, excursions, and parties highlight Rhode Island's phenomenal coastal environment and restaurants.

*Mixer shows and workshop showcases let individual artists and members of troupes perform alongside new friends.

The Ocean State Improv Festival seeks troupes and individuals to join us as performers and learners! Our festival welcomes all styles of performers with an eye toward sets full of theatricality, narrative, and positivity!

Meals, parties, and excursions provide socializing and networking time, and multi-day intensives with showcase performances let you work and perform with new collaborators and friends. OSIF features theatrically-inclined improvisation, and values education as much as performance. The Contemporary Theater Company produces scripted and unscripted shows on a weekly basis, and hosts teachers and topics that will challenge you to enhance your work with greater interest in physicality, musicality, genre, narrative, and more – taught by some of the world's finest instructors.

Southern Rhode Island is a beautiful and exciting area, and June is the perfect time to enjoy it! There are planned and spontaneous group outings like trips to some of the dozens of local beaches, kayaking and paddle boarding, mini-golf, hiking and bird watching, and other exciting trips around the great Ocean State!

On Sunday, there is a party on our performance patio with a potluck and local beer. It features the Duo Bracket Challenge, a show that anyone in the festival may perform in with a partner they have never previously worked with. It's a perfect way to celebrate the end of the festival!

Each year, we have lots of performers leave saying, "Next year, I'm coming for a whole week!" We hope you'll join us!

Application/Registration Fees:
Troupe Application – $20

The five-day Ocean State Improv Festival at the Contemporary Theater Company, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, brings together artists and troupes to create an interconnected community that teaches, learns, inspires, and performs together on Rhode Island’s beautiful southern coast!

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