Wasatch Improv Festival 2022

August 11-13, 2022

About Wasatch Improv Festival 2022

The Wasatch Improv Festival strives to bring light to the many different forms of improv and give a stage to its performers. Through activities, teaching, and shows, it is the goal of the Festival to grow the love of this craft and present a true “Yes, and” experience to all who participate, whether through performing or as an audience.

We are planning a in-person festival this summer. All performers will be required to be up to date with their vaccinations.


Avatar Image Jason Wild

Avatar Image Jesse Markus

Avatar Image michael haycock

Avatar Image Blake Heywood

Avatar Image Bob Bedore

Avatar Image Jady Brooks

Avatar Image Carly Olsen


The Wasatch Improv Festival will consist of workshops, activities, and performances by some of the best talent from near and far.

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