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Chris Barry is currently a player and host at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida and a producer, host and performer in It's Improvised at the 129!, an improvised variety show at Dragonfly Studios in Ocoee, Florida. He has been part of the SAK family since 2007 and is a member of both the Lab Rats and NextGen troupes and has been a guest player with the weekend ensemble.

Outside of SAK, Chris teams with Richard Paul and musical director Elaine Pechacek in the musical long-form troupe called Four First Names. He also runs the Orlando Improv All-Stars monthly show for the families visiting Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Florida, providing a fun break for families with children dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Chris' troupe Four First Names leads workshops and learning experiences designed to deepen the creative well of actors and non-actors alike. Chris and Richard both utilize their improv skills daily in their corporate lives in large organizational settings helping business people think and act like improvisers do: being bold, courageous and never taking themselves too seriously. Their workshops utilize techniques, exercises, games and unique approaches designed to strengthen an actor's muscles of observation, awareness and listening to create a more powerful, enjoyable improv experience.

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