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Dylan is the Founder/Director of The Backline Comedy Theatre and the Omaha Improv Fest. Trained and performed at UCB-LA and iO West for years, and was a member of the early LA Indie scene.

Combining UCB and iO has created a style that is both very focused on "Game" but also a necessity for finding "Relationship." The goal is for a realistic and relatable scene, but also finding patterns to have fun with and to get the audience laughing. He teaches the two most important qualities in improv are Trust and Listening.

Taught improv at-
Improvention (festival) in Australia
Kansas City Improv Festival
Oklahoma City Improv Festival
Third Coast Improv Festival
Crossroads Comedy Festival
Tampa Bay Improv Festival
Eau Clair Improv Festival
Omaha Improv Fest
Voodoo Theatre (Denver)
Village Theatre (Atlanta)
Improv Conspiracy (Melbourne, AUS)
Theatre St. Catherine (Montreal, CAN)
Philly Improv Theatre (Philadelphia)
The Improv Shop (St. Louis)
HUGE Theatre (Minneapolis)
Camping USA (Big Bear)
Last Laugh (Des Moines)
+ teams in Knoxville (TN,) Rapid City (SD,) and a number of other smaller towns.

I've also been a member of the Basement Improv Summit (a national summit aimed at improving improv across the states) for all 3 years so far. I've also performed in major festivals like the Del Close Marathon, Chicago Improv Festival, LA Improv Festival, and the Second City 24-hour Improv Festival (LA.)

Trained by: Kevin McDonald, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Craig Cackowski, Amber Ruffin, Danielle Schneider, Billy Merritt, Nick Armstrong, Katie Dippold, Dave Hill, Suzi Barret, Colton Dunn, Brian Huskey, Seth Morris, Jimmy Carrane, Joe Bill, Sean Conroy, Todd Fasen, Jordan Morris, Erin McGathy, Katie O'Brien (and many more.)

Currently Teaching at: The Backline Comedy Theatre

For more info: http://jimmycarrane.com/140-dylan-rohde/

Dylan's Workshops

AHHH! Real Characters
Saying Yes
Improvised Stage Combat
4D Thinking: Bending Space and Time
Trust and Listening: The Essentials
Hone Your Superpower
Relationship is a Game

"Every time I am fortunate enough to work with Dylan's students I am always impressed how well trained and prepared they are in long form improv. They always play it at very high level." - Jimmy Carrane

"Having Dylan as a teacher will make anyone feel as if they were born to improvise. He makes exercises fun and concepts easy to understand." - Lauren Morris

"Dylan Rohde has a way of teaching that makes his passion for improv infectious to his students. Everyone I've met that has studied with Dylan has his passion." - Justin Franzen

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