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Actor, Travelling Improviser, teacher, aritistic director and founder of the professional Company: Le Théâtre de l'Oignon.

Check on them @: http://www.loignon.eu

Flavien is a European cultural mix of portuguese french and swiss, living on the German border!

He is also a happy member of Ohana : The Oldest European Improvisers Project. More about this unique Improv Project in Europe in which 20 countries gather for Improv love: http://ohanaproject.eu/

Improvising and acting since 1996, he graduated in drama at Conservatoire and in Theatre at the University of Strasbourg and started his professional career in 2004. He studied Improv in France and explored Keith Johnstone and Del Close style with the best improvisers in the world never stops learning.

He created a dozen original improv formats with Théâtre de l’Oignon, including short, free and long form. All of their shows merge improv theatre and improv music.

He took part in many French speaking festivals in, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Marocco and Quebec particularly in the 30 years old world amateur improv match tournament.

He performs as individual, as team with Theatre de l'Oignon and in duo shows with Omar Galvan, Fabio Maccioni, Odile Cantero, Bart Van Loon and Kaisa Kokko in many English speaking international festivals all over the world.

So far he has been teaching and performing in 24 different countries, which makes him the most exported french improviser and his company the most international performing french improv professional troupe.

Past festivals:

– Impro Festival 2008, Leuven (BE)
– Quasi Comica 2012, Milano (IT)
– La Semaine de l’Impro 2012/13/14/16, Nancy(FR)
– Instantaneo 2012/2014,2016 Torino (IT)
– Istanbul Impro festival 2013 (TR)
– The BIG IF 2013/14/15, Barcelona (ES)
– Copenhagen International Improv fest 2014/15 (DK)
– Wurzburg International Improv fest 2014 (DE)
– Improvfest Ireland 2015/16,Dublin (IE)
– FéRiiR 2015, La Réunion (FR)
– Work Impro Gress 2016, Piombino (IT)
– Amsterdam Impro Festival 2016 (NL)
– 1st Workshop Tour 2016, (PL)
– Courtyard Playhouse, Dubai 2016 (UAE)
– Mt Olymprov 2016, Athens(GR)
– Wise 2016 Riom,(FR)
– ImproVacanta 2016, Bucarest (RO)
– 2nd Workshop Tour 2016, (PL)
– Spunk 2016, Zurich (CH)
– ImproFest 2016, Riga (LV)
– Improvfest Ireland 2016,Dublin (IE)
– Istantaneo 2016 ,Turin (I)

– SWIMP 2017, Uppsala (SE)
– Improv Iceland international festival 2017, Reykjavik, (ISL)
– Euro Comedy and Double F 2017, Bucarest (RO)
– Hungary Tour 2017, Budapest (HUN)
– Shiink 2017, Yverdon les bains (CH)
– Jo! festival 2017, Torun (PL)
– Impro Salento Festival 2017, Gallipolli (ITA)
– TILT 2017, Tallin (ES)
– Slapdash 2017, London (GB)
– RIIF 2017, St – Petersbourg (RUS)
- SWIMP18, Uppsala (SWE)
- La Semaine de l'Impro, Nancy (FRA)
- Lyon Improv Fest 2018 (FRA)
- RIIF 2018
- Improvention, Canberra (AUS)
- SWIB, Tournai (BE)
- Lyon Improv Fest 2019 (FRA)
- Shiiink! Yverdon-les-Bains (CH)

Next festivals:

- RIIF 2019 St Petersburg ( RUS)

About his teaching experience:

Flavien's teaching is multicultural and multi influenced, he tries to give the best taste of every Improv style he met and share the signature style he created: Pure Improv while developping the format: Random, he performs with his group and taught all around.

His goal: build bridges between people, cultures, languages and improv styles.

He has been teaching Improv/drama since 2001.

He works as an Improv/drama teacher for a city theatre.

He teaches corporate workshops for team building, conflict and stress management, creativity and positivity in a professional environment.

He teaches masterclasses to professional and amateur improv groups and Improv Matches leagues across France.

He’s been part of the instructors at international Improv festivals:

– International Impro Festival 2008, Leuven (BE)
– Quasi Comica 2012, Milano ( IT)
– BIG IF 3 2015, Barcelona (ES)
– ImprovFest Ireland 2015, Dublin (IRL)
– FERIIR 2015, La Réunion (FR)
– Work Impro'Gress 2016, Piombino (IT)
– Mount Olymprov, Athènes 2016 (GR)
– Wise 2016, Riom (FR)
– Spunk 2016, Zurich (CH)
– ImproFest 2016, Riga (LT)
– ImprovFest Ireland, Dublin 2016 (IRL)
– Istantaneo, Torino 2016 (IT)
– Belgium Week tour , Gent, Antwerpen, Brussels, 2017 ( BEL)
– Shiiink! Yverdon-Les-Bains 2017 (CH)
– Jo! festival 2017, Torun (PL)
– Impro Salento Festival 2017, Gallipolli (ITA)
– TILT 2017, Tallin (ES)
– Slapdash 2017, London (GB)
– RIIF 2017, St-Petersbourg (RUS)
- SWIMP18, Uppsala (SWE)
- La Semaine de l'Impro, Nancy (FRA)
- Lyon Improv Fest 2018 (FRA)
- RIIF 2018
- Improvention, Canberra (AUS)
- SWIB, Tournai (BE)
- Lyon Improv Fest 2019 (FRA)

He’s also been teaching workshops and masterclasses across the world:

– Quasicomica, Milano 2012 (IT)
– Improvergne 2016/17, Clermont Ferrand (FR)
– L'Improvidence 2016/17, Lyon (FR)
– IMproVacanta 2016, Bucarest (RO)
– 2 weeks workshop tour, april 2016 (PL)
– 2 weeks workshop tour september 2016 (PL)
– Belgium Tour 2016, Antwerpen, Ghent, Brussels (B)
– Week end workshops 2017 in Clermont- Ferrand, Lyon, Bourgoin, Genève, Nancy (FRA)
- 1 week workshop tour 2018 (BEL)
- 1 week workshop tour 2018 Amsterdam (NL)
- Week-end Workshop in Pavia (ITA)
- Week end workshops 2018 in Nancy, Avignon, Lyon
- 1 week workshop tour Moscow (RUS) 2018
- Israel Tour 2018
- 1 week workshop tour Bretagne 2018 (FRA)
- Australia tour 2018

For more info: http://www.flavien-reppert.book.fr/improv-masterclasses-worldwide

Flavien's Workshops

Pure Improv! Oh my Guts!
Me, You, Us
Move Your Body! Sensitive Animal
Worst Case Scenario
Read the scene, don't write it!
Soundscapes, beatbox and FX.

"As a teacher Flavien shows great capacity in understanding group dynamics by listening individuals and what happens in the exercices he proposes. He's patient and actively particpates in the activities and birngs a lot of joy to it. As a person he feels like my brother,he introduced me to international improvisation, I learned from him, how to be an humble and elegant improviser." - Fabio Maccioni, Teatribu, Milano

"Workshop with Flavien was such an amazing experience for a whole group of polish improvisers. He is a very professional and supportive teacher. We felt very inspired, took risks and opened our minds to new perspectives. Full of ideas to create and have fun." - Katarzyna Chmara, Wymmy Wammy, Poland

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