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Justin Peters is a writer and performer in New York who performs with Kelly Buttermore in the duo From Justin to Kelly. Together, they are two of America's foremost independent improvisers. They spend most of their time on tour, performing and teaching at theaters and festivals around the country; since 2014, they have done over 300 shows and workshops in 28 different states, D.C., Canada, and international waters. Their signature form is the Walter, a minimalistic monoscene that emphasizes silence, eye contact, and total commitment to the moment. Off stage, they promote a DIY ethos that encourages improvisers to find their own voices and own their own work. They are based in New York City, where they are the founders of Countdown Theater, a roaming pop-up improv collaborative, and the organizers of the Countdown Improv Festival, which is based in Tampa, Florida. With Glassworks, they are the organizers of the Basement Improv Summit. They spend a lot of time in the car, talking about the radio.

For more info: http://www.fromjustintokelly.org

"I’ve taken workshops and had the pleasure of being directed by some of the best in the improv game, and Justin and Kelly are right up there with them. They’re doing incredible work and have the ability of finding what you’re doing right and elevating that. Their focus on positivity will make your improv more interesting and exciting to watch AND, perhaps more importantly, it will make it more fun to do. I don’t care if you are a beginner or a career improviser – do yourself a favor and take a workshop with these guys. You’ll love yourself for it." - Jamie Campbell, Chicago / Los Angeles

"Justin and Kelly teach in a manner that will benefit any skill level of improvisor. Their exercises and side coaching will open your mind to fun new choices you can make on stage." " - James Murray, Producer, Improv Festival Oklahoma

"Kelly and Justin are patient, concise and generous teachers. Everyone raved about the workshop and absolutely had plenty of positive take aways to use in their next show." " - Jess Halpin, Providence Improv Guild

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