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Joe Spence has been fortunate enough to live and work in Los Angeles as an actor for almost twenty years. Since moving from the great state of Ohio, Joe has had the opportunity to perform on stage, film, TV, internet, and in motion capture that went to Sundance Film Festival.
Joe now spends a majority of his artistic time and energy teaching the art of performance to others. A favorite method of teaching is through the art of improvisation. In classes and workshops, Joe has helped actors from age five to eighty five find their artistic voice and, more simply, find out who they are as an individual and explore ways to express themselves effectively, smartly, and honestly.
Workshops have been held up and down the West Coast and in Ohio and Virginia.

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Joe's Workshops

The 4th Rule of Improv Workshop
Advanced Improv Workout, Using the 4th Rule of Improv
Improv Workshop for Teens

"Thanks for a great workshop!! Pan Theater would love to have you back for more 4th Rule work!" - Karen Sandvoss - workshop student in Oakland, CA

"Thanks for a great workshop, Joe! I learned more in a couple of nights than all the improv study I'd done before." - Rob Tromp - workshop student in Columbus, OH

"Awesome... I'm looking forward to another class!!!!" - Daniel Garza - workshop student in Los Angeles, CA

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