Please Consider Donating

please consider donatingThe Improv Network is holding a fundraiser so we may continue to operate.

Traditionally, our costs to operate have been covered by festivals utilizing our submission services. With festival cancellations due to Covid, we have lost that stream of income.

We are asking you to please consider donating $12 today. $12 covers a full day of our costs to operate as we do now. Our goal is to raise enough money for one year of operations ($4,380) over the next 30 days.

The Improv Network supports the largest user generated database of improv teams and theaters in the world. It provides instant festival submissions for teams, easy festival application management for festivals, and resources and educational tools that include blogs, videos, podcasts, and interviews. On our website, you can find teacher and workshop profiles, connections and chat features with our worldwide improv community, and professional landing pages for individuals, teams, and teachers, all with no ads.

The Improv Network is run by a board and staff consisting of all unpaid volunteers. Therefore, the $12 each day covers our website, hosting, interactive user database and platform, and all connected software.

We ask that you please consider donating or sharing this. Our mission is to connect improvisers and provide every team, theater, and performer, anywhere in the world, access to the support, information, tools, and resources they need to create outstanding improv and run positive, safe, and diverse theaters and festivals. Now, we are asking for your support.

Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated. We value your time and your part in our community. Thank you.

A special virtual event will be happening on April 24th. Check back soon for more details.

Your Chance to Spread Our Artform to Those Who Need it Most

National Improv Network is proud to partner with The Detroit Creativity Project. Their mission is simple: To empower and inspire young people through improvisation, an art form that helps students build confidence and develop a creative and collaborative approach to their lives. 

As improvisors we have a chance to do something special here. Sure we’ve donated to help theaters, to help festivals, but now it’s time to give the ultimate gift. The gift of improv to kids who don’t have access to it.  Help DCP expand their program. Any little bit helps. And please share this with your communities.


Mission Throttle: Help us take the lead in the RiseDetroit Challenge!

The RiseDetroit Challenge is being sponsored by the Marjorie S. Fisher Fund on Crowdrise. The fund is giving away $100,000 to Detroit charities like us: The Detroit Creativity Project.

The Detroit Creativity Project offers a free 10-week class in improvisational theater to Detroit middle and high school students. Our mission is to empower and inspire young people through improvisation — an art form that helps students build confidence and develop a creative and collaborative approach to their lives. Our flagship program The Improv Project has trained over 600 students to improvise since 2012. Your support will allow us to expand the program next year. Our goal: to teach over 500 students to improvise in 2015.

Here’s how you can help: The charity with the greatest number of donations (not dollars) between October 21 and October 28 wins a bonus of $2500! That would allow us to add one new school to the program and pay for half of the program in another school.

And your donations will help us compete for the grand prize of $30,000, going to the charity that raises the most dollars by October 30.

Like you, we believe that learning to improvise can be life changing. We are seeing how The Improv Project is changing our students’ lives in large and small ways. Please join us by supporting our campaign in the Rise Detroit Challenge.

Nick Armstrong

Nick is Camp Director and Founder of Improv Utopia an improv retreat for adults in California and Pennsylvania. He is also one of the founding members of the National Improv Network and performer at iO West’s critically acclaimed Harold Team King Ten as well as member of The Sunday Company at The Groundlings. He has also taught improv workshops around the country.


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