Atlas Improv Co.

MADISON, Wisconsin, United States 53703

About Atlas Improv Co.

Atlas Improv was founded in early 2004 with a dream to explore and innovate beyond what was familiar.

Our story goes back further than just a few years though. In the mid 1980s, Dick Chudnow, founder of ComedySportz, brought his brand of competitive improv comedy to Madison, and a figurative seed was figuratively planted.

Atlas continues performing short form and long form shows throughout the week while hosting classes and coaching teams. Today, Atlas Improv fosters an expert in each of its players. In story arc, character building, or pure wit, every performer is a master.

Since its creation in 2004, Atlas Improv Co. has been a staple of Madison’s improv and comedy community. Founded by then-members of ComedySportz Mary Parmentier and Bryan Judkins, Atlas sought to build a creative environment that would challenge and fulfill its members artistically in a way the constraints of ComedySportz simply would not allow. Today, Atlas is Madison’s premiere improv troupe, performing four shows each weekend and teaching the art of improv in their own Atlas Improv Theater. Find Atlas Improv Co. on Facebook ( and Twitter (

For more photos or further information contact Kristina Martinez, company manager, at or 259-9999.

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