Alamo City Improv

902 NE Interstate 410 Loop
San Antonio, TX, United States 78209

About Alamo City Improv

Alamo City Improv believes in art that is transformative; performance that genuinely affects the audience and actors. When we perform or teach, we encourage exploration of truth and expression. Sometimes that breeds comedy. Sometimes drama. Usually both.

​As long as it touches something real, we value it. In pursuit of that cause, we are pioneering formats that target honesty, connection, and presence in the moment.

San Antonio, at the time Alamo City Improv was founded, was largely unfamiliar with the art form and the general feeling amongst the improv community was that travel to Austin was the only way to find opportunity. Unwilling to accept those limits, the ACI team started training and performing; doing shows at bars and boba tea joints for stage time until eventually getting a venue of their own. Now, the scene is thriving and growing rapidly!

Alamo City Improv is an improvisational theatre company and school that was founded July 2014 in San Antonio, TX. They produce twice-weekly shows that feature house teams and troupes from all over the country. The company team has traveled and performed in festivals and venues in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, New Orleans, and more. For more information about Alamo City Improv, email or visit us on facebook @AlamoCityImprov.

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