Moment Improv Theatre

San Francisco , California, United States

About Moment Improv Theatre

Moment Improv Theatre was founded by someone that has been in the Bay Area improv scene since 2005, is a producer for the San Francisco Improv Festival, and who has had a relationship with most of the improv houses in the city. With an eye bent towards theatre, comedy, and community, Moment Improv Theatre was born.

The Moment philosophy has deep ties to the tradition of theatre, where authenticity and integrity shape performance and elevate improvisers to the highest level of the craft. Our mission is to cultivate community, to bolster the vitality and value of improvised theatre in a fun and safe environment as well as to sharpen the working player. At Moment, we teach in-depth classes and provide the community with top-notch improv shows.

At Moment, we believe improv is life and that we each do it every day in our own way. Improv theatre can often be hilarious, but it’s no joke. By learning how to be in the moment, react with truth and offer yourself authentically, you will become a vulnerable, communicative presence in the world. And you’ll hopefully get a few laughs along the way.

Moment Improv Theatre is an improv training and production company. They teach classes in improvisational acting, produce live improv shows, and facilitate community programs in San Francisco, Ca.

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