Bird City Improv

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

About Bird City Improv

Bird City Improv was officially founded in 2018, though the company has been in the works for several years, engaging with prominent communities and organizations in the mid-Atlantic since 2014. Working with students ages 8 to 80, Bird City Improv has collaborated with organizations like Johns Hopkins University, Green Globe Theatre, Morgan State University, The Smithsonian Association, SquashWise, ArtsCentric, The Baltimore County Public Library and Womb Work Productions, while also providing freelance instruction for hundreds of individuals and community groups. With our company's launch, Bird City's network of educators and clientele has continued to expand, as we offer nationwide professional and artistic development.

At Bird City we believe a high tide raises all ships. If we can create an environment that is supportive and open to possibility, then everyone in that environment can succeed. For us "a high tide..." is more than just a motto, it's a call to action. It's our firmly held conviction that creating a high tide isn't only healthy for improvisers, but for all individuals, communities, and kin.

Bird City Improv is a company that teaches artists how to listen, adapt, and respond, cultivating awareness and connectivity. Bird City has wings - We are happy to travel.

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