Ampersand Theater Company

Milwaukee, WI, United States

About Ampersand Theater Company

The fundamental building block of improvisation is YES AND: affirm what’s offered to you, then add something to it. When a group of people work together to build a scene this way, the possibilities become infinite.

That’s the way we run Ampersand Theater Company. We’re taking everything you loved about Mojo Dojo Comedy and adding to it, in new and exciting ways. New shows. New ideas. New ways to learn, and to think about learning.

We do Narrative Improv, Musical Improv & Shortform. We do Standup, Sketch & Storytelling. We do Charity Fundraisers, Staged Readings & slightly skewed Quiz Shows. We riff on Sci-Fi & Cinema, on Current Events & Roleplaying Games.

We entertain. We educate. We break down barriers & build community. We are Ampersand Theater Company, and we’re just getting started.

Ampersand Theater Company is Milwaukee's home of longform improv...and so much more.

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