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About Our Training Program

The Torch Theatre is proud to offer professional training in improvisation for the theatre. Our instructors have studied and performed with masters of longform improvisation all over the country, and we are excited to be building a community of funny, passionate and interesting players right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

With a core curriculum based on longform improv, The Torch aims to build strong actors and ensembles in Phoenix, Arizona. So, what is longform improv? It is a performance built collaboratively on stage from a single suggestion. It could be a series of scenes, songs, characters or even movement that explore a theme. It is built by the performers together as the audience watches.

The Torch Theatre Longform Training Center offers ongoing courses in improv to help students develop and explore this craft. Class sizes are kept small to promote ensemble building and to allow instructors to cater courses to the individual needs of our students. We offer flexible payment plans and internship opportunities. If you are interested in enhancing your acting skills or learn the craft of improv, call or e-mail to learn more about our program.

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Our Instructors

Course Catalogue

LEVEL 1: Beginning Longform Scenework

Students will learn the fundamental tools of improvisation to build confidence both on and off stage. Classes will focus on honest and truthful reactions to discover the humor in scenework. Students will participate in a fun and creative environment in which all ideas are supported through improvisations core concept of saying “yes…and” to help further the scene. Concepts will focus on emotional reactions, listening, character development and environment work to allow students to be in the moment on stage.

Level 2: Longform Ensemble Work

Continuing with the concepts of Level I this class will build on the idea of working as an ensemble to create a cohesive group mind. The class will focus on discovering themes and patterns that will strengthen the performance. Students will learn to make strong choices at the top of the scene that will develop strong character wants and create emotionally rich relationships that will give them confidence on stage.

Level 3: Longform Performance

Students will create an entire show focusing on the format Harold, created by Del Close, the father of longform improvisation. This format will introduce openings and group games as well as continue the enrichment of on stage relationships through strong, emotional characters choices. The discovery of thematic elements in Harold will bridge the gap between scenes that will create a world in which connections are established throughout the show.

Level 4: Advanced Longform Structures & Approaches

There are many formats of improvisation and this class will introduce a number of them. Each new format will focus on different aspects of improvisational tools to create a stronger and more confident performer. The continuing growth of the ensemble will be an important element when bringing a new format to the stage.

Level 5: Lonform Master Class

Taught by a senior instructor of the Torch Theatre, this class will focus on the individual performer in an effort to strengthen the ensemble. In-depth feedback will be given to challenge and inspire students to make choices they would not normally explore.

Level 6: Longform Synthesis

Taught by a senior instructor of the Torch Theatre, this class will focus on the ensemble. As a group the students will create and develop a format that is tailored to the strengths and abilities of the individual to complement the whole.

The Torch Theatre is a DBA of CareFree Write Productions (CFWP), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This organization looks to serve as a support network for developing local artists, an educational resource for the community, and an integral part of Phoenix's growing cultural movement.

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