The 1995 Chicago Bulls

Dallas, TX

About The 1995 Chicago Bulls

The 1995 Chicago Bulls are a group of six Dallas Comedy House graduates that has been performing long form improv together since 2014. Their format was inspired by the JTS Brown. They instantly transform scenes based on which improvisers are on stage; rapidly creating, calling back, or connecting scenes and universes.

Fun fact: They have a Facebook Messenger thread with over 100,000 messages.

Dallas Comedy House's Best Troupe of 2016
Opened for James Adomian at DCF17
Opened for 3Peat at IOF 2017
Opened for The Late 90s at DCF18
DCF 2016 - 2019
Orange County Improv Festival 2017
Kansas City Improv Festival 2018
Vancouver International Improv Festival 2018
Third Coast Improv Festival 2018

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