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Killdozer emerged from the primordial ooze of San Diego in 2014 with the spirit and temperament of a possessed 49-ton Caterpillar D9. The group is the Macgyver of long form improv, transforming the mundane into life-saving, bad-guy wasting, brain-melting excitement. Killdozer performs an original format called The Engineers, re-inventing an everyday object to inspire scenes, characters, and games leading to a unique and dynamic show riddled with quick-hitting fun and playful interconnection.

The three-piece team is comprised of Melissa Gibbons, Dan Norman, and Dave Shelley, all graduates of Sidestage Improv and regular guest performers at Finest City Improv. Melissa likes cats and music; Dave likes dogs and pushing buttons; Dan has kids and a sweet man cave.

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