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360 is an experimental troupe that specializes in grounded and quick improv mash-ups, creating a constantly new experience of intertwining environments, characters, and images. They perform long form, short form, musical improv, and freestyle rap. They focus on the complexity of simplicity and honesty, while creating truthful and engaging shows. Its members have vastly different and unique professional and improv backgrounds which they bring to form a tight-knit troupe with endless ideas. Its members have studied improv all over the world and are a part of other troupes, bringing their knowledge back to their fellow 360 performers.

360 is committed to building an improv community, allowing up-and-coming improvisers to workshop with them weekly and learn for free. All they need to join is a desire to learn and play. As a troupe, they offer free workshops and shows to companies and corporations and frequently volunteer using improv as a tool to teach a variety of topics to children and adults alike. 360 loves to find new and unique ways to used applied improv and utilize its tenets, bringing excited, committed, knowledgeable members to explore and make any new opportunity successful.

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