Talk About It

San Antonio, Texas, United States

About Talk About It

"Talk About It" is an Alamo City Improv House team. Each of us are students and or graduates of the Alamo City Improv intensive course. ACI brought us together to be a part of a righteous mission to revolutionize the San Antonio improvisational theatre scene. Our ambitions have a heart for San Antonio.

We have fallen in love with the community and we are seeking growth for our loved ones. Part of our mission is diversifying improvisational theatre in San Antonio and encouraging other actors to grow beyond any perimeters.

We have developed an original improvisational theatre form with inspiration from a slacker and evolving into premise based scenes. Our form explores the age old practice of storytelling. We value the connection and engagement of the audience that occurs when telling a story and we bring light to the brilliant stories just waiting to be told in the risers.

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