Reservoir Frogs

Minneapolis, MN, United States

About Reservoir Frogs

Reservoir Frogs is a Minneapolis-based improv troupe who have performed around the Twin Cities and surrounding area. They initially bonded over a shared love of the role-playing game 'Fiasco' and set out to create a form that could allow an audience to experience the creation of a tale of high ambition and poor impulse control.

After a successful run at the Coulee Region Improv Festival in 2016, they decided to continue their collaboration. The addition of new cast members marks the beginning of an exciting time, and they look forward to creating many more stories celebrating the power of poor life choices.

Like all live theater, 2020 required them to get creative in order to continue rehearsing, eventually developing a new Zoom-friendly variation of their form, The Confessional. It was so well-received by lockdown-weary audiences across the internet, that they decided to adapt it for live theater once that was possible again.

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