The Twilight Clone

Denver, CO, United States

About The Twilight Clone

The Twilight Clone presents a world of imagination and wonder. Theater of the mind, put on stage.

Submitted for your approval, watch as two men obliterate preconceived notions and assumptions. It is a manifestation of the unknown, where players and audience find out what is going on at the same time, in The Twilight Clone.

You unlock this door with the key of imagination and a suggestion of your greatest hope or fear. On stage we create a world of sound and of sight and improv. We create dimensions of the mind. You have just crossed over into The Twilight Clone!

Performed by Jesse Atkinson and Eric Farone. Jesse currently plays and teaches improv at The Bovine Metropolis in Denver. Eric currently plays, teaches and co-owns the Bovine Metropolis in Denver.

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