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While they'd both studied improv before, Fálki Heiđdóttir and Steve Circeo met in Bexar Stage’s very first Level 1 class in May 2017. Steve was immediately impressed with Fálki's acting ability, and they worked so well together that it became apparent they should form a team. After their Level 3 class ended in November 2017, Fálki, Steve, and Jason Treviño formed Therapy 3.0, which performed at least monthly until the covid pandemic shut down their home theater in March 2020.

Around September 2018, Fálki and Steve decided that they wanted to form a duo to get more performance time and to stretch the less-comedic-more-dramatic format they’d developed with Jason. They’d already been improvising characters and relationships while dining together after classes -- usually at Tenko Ramen at The Pearl near the theater -- so they practiced a bit and debuted Ramen On Sunday on October 19, 2018, at Bexar Stage's experimental One Night Stand show. Since then, they've performed on stage at least once a month as Ramen On Sunday. During the covid pandemic, Ramen On Sunday has performed monthly via Facebook as part of Vintage Improv's Sunday Follies.

Besides their home theater in San Antonio, Texas, Ramen On Sunday has performed in Austin, Houston, and at The New Movement in New Orleans. They've also performed at the Big-Little Comedy Fest in San Antonio and the Vintage Improv Festival in Boston, as well as worldwide from all over the USA via Facebook and Zoom.

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