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Making a move to avoid vulnerability in your day-to-day life? Feeling a limited range of emotion? Introducing 'Emotionally Available'! 10x stronger than the Avoidance method, 'Emotionally Available' is the ONLY thing medically proven to heal your psychic wounds.
*Side effects may include growing pains, minor miracles, spontaneous laughter, tenderness in heart, prolonged eye contact and extreme thirst for truth.

Emotionally Available began as six anxiety-ridden strangers who met through Steven Burnett's Level 2 Authentic Relationships class at Leela, picked up two more through the levels and was encouraged to audition for Leela's Performing Improv Ensemble program, performing since July 2018 with a few rotating members. We are passionate about expanding our forms and integrating non-traditional elements into improv such as sketch, video, music, spoken word, audience participation, zines, performance art. Members use improv as a practice of detachment, compassion, working through fear and anxiety, and also, fun!

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