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Nexus is both a virtual club that exists in the social VR platform VRChat and the improv troupe that brings its characters to life. Club Nexus is an immersive/social VR show that puts the audience in the role of Earthlings who have gotten the opportunity to be the first of their species to join the hottest night club in the known universe. Throughout this experience, which is told through biweekly shows, the guests will get the opportunity to develop persistent relationships and partnerships with the various forces that wield influence over the club's culture and economy. Nexus is not strictly improvised in that there is a larger narrative that each show is heading towards and a rough outline of how each episode gets us closer to that eventual outcome but given that it is an interactive and social experience, the interaction with the audience not only determines much of the content and tone of the experience but also influences the direction of certain narrative elements.

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