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Interested in what makes people tick, real-life couple Eric Nepom and Aden Kirschner explore all of the different ways other peoples relationships form through very committed character and scene work and a delicately crafted mining for information from brave audience couples who are willing to volunteer.  What you see in a Manacle show depends on the relationships that wish to be viewed on any given night as these two strive to give you a theatrical experience that feels as though each moment was carefully blocked, scripted, choreographed and rehearsed while still finding ways to surprise, break and delight each other.

Aden and Eric have been performing improvisational theatre for over a combined 50! They have created programming, taught, and performed in shows and festivals around the world. Recognized for outstanding skills in theatre, speech, communication and development these two share a passion for committed character work, grounded platform building and that moment where one realizes that anything can happen in improv!

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