Up Close and Personal: improvising and intimacy

We talk a big game about “trust” as improvisers... ready to put your money where your mouth is? This workshop will be 2 hours of spin­-the-­bottle, seven minutes in heaven, and Whose hand is Where! Not really... Ok maybe... The question we actually want to answer is why do we always go for the joke, the laugh or the easy out when intimacy on stage arises? In this workshop we will explore how to get truly intimate with our stage partners, creating connections that can be vulnerable, revealing, truly trusting and perhaps utterly terrifying for some. You will take the daring step in your work of opening the door to your heart on stage, developing yourself into a more trusting and confident performer. Bring out your skills by creating bold and truthful connections with others, transport an audience into the core of a character and take the risk to a “happy” ending.

Student Cap:

2 hours
16 students
Aden Nepom
Eric Nepom

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