Emotion. Mindful Openness.Truthful Expression. Relationship. The improvised world requires some split second thinking, commitment and risk. When we step into a scene, we only have a brief time to create something, so why not make it meaningful? This workshop dives deep into the foundational structures of grounded and honest improvised work, bringing out scenes and moments that are commonly avoided due to their worldly truths. Instead of hiding our humanity, we can bring it forward onto the stage and do what theatre was meant to do; behold and present the world around us. Honest openness to these real and truthful moments allows us to have impactful sadness, relatable upset and truly genuine laughter and joy. Explore the things that make our moments on stage important to audience members and performers alike.

Student Cap:

3 hours
20 students
Aden Nepom
Eric Nepom

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