Saying NO - for the Greater Good of the Moment

“Yes! And…” is our improv mantra isn’t it?? Look, we all know that ‘No’ is a strong, powerful word, but can ‘No’ still lead to building something great on stage? This workshop will dive into using ‘No’ as a launch pad to progress scenes forward and break the habits of relying on ‘No’ as a shield that guards us from making choices that scare us. Embrace your characters honest reactions and understand your fellow players better! Using skills improvisers have worked on for years, this workshop aims to bring out all the good ‘No’ can has to offer your improv, your mental health and the world!. Learn to harness ‘No’ for the power of ‘Yes!

Student Cap:

2 hours
20 students
Aden Nepom
Eric Nepom

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