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Jacque Arend started improvising in 2005 by attending the iO Chicago Summer Intensive. She co-founded The Torch Theatre (Phoenix, Arizona) in 2007 and was a collaborator on their training program along with the organization’s artistic mission and vision. Her focuses include applied improvisation, ensemble performance, grounded scene work, advanced formats, as well as various workshop focuses including Deconstruction and dramatic improvisation. Jacque was the administrator for The Torch Theatre’s Training Center from 2007-2019 and lead instructor for their Corporate Team Building program from 2012-2019. Jacque is currently the main instructor for the improv/comedy programs for actors at Arizona Actors Academy, building her own program in 2013. She is the registration coordinator for Camp Improv Utopia and was an elective instructor at Camp East in 2017 & 2018 and a Master Instructor in 2019. Jacque also offers coaching and has coached a number of groups in Phoenix to improve specific focuses, help build strong ensemble and overall improvement to create more interesting performances. She is a regular performer with a handful of ongoing troupes, such as Light Rail Pirates, JaxN Reed, Birds & Broads, MuChuChu and Skewed News Hour. Jacque has played on main stage of the Phoenix Improv Festival for the last eleven years. Recently she has performed at the 2016 District Improv Festival, 2017 Del Close Marathon and appeared at the San Diego Improv Festival from 2015-2018. She has brought her workshops to the District & San Diego Fest.

Currently Teaching at: The Torch Theatre

For more info: http://jacquearend.com

Jacqueline's Workshops

Let's Play (Agreeing to the Organic Group Game)
Make it Mean Something
Us Against The World
Gift Giving Specifics
Deconstruction Intensive

"Jacque Arend is a marvelous improv teacher. She sets high standards for students and her attention to detail guides them to transcend their limits. Jacque prides herself on teaching students listening and reacting. Whether she is teaching, or on stage, Jacque shines at improv." - Xchel Hernandez

"She has great depth of knowledge about the art of improv. She challenges you to explore things in new ways. Great enthusiasm and creates a safe space for learning. She goes straight into the excersises. Gives great feedback and able to draw upon strengths. " - Various Students

"Jacque is one of my favotire instructors. She is always available to talk and is very supportive. She clearly wants her students to succeed and it shows." - Advanced Format Student

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